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30-Day Juice Fast

A juice fast is your quickest way to lose unwanted weight. A side benefit is the detoxification of your entire system.

Taking only liquid significantly reduces your calorie intake therefore your fat intake is lessened resulting in lower accumulation of body fats. You must be careful though at the initial stages because the low calorie intake may cause you to lose the balance in your system. Therefore if you are thinking of going on a 30-day juice fast you must first seek the advice of your health provider, most especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition. While undertaking your juice fast, you should also be supervised by your health provider to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

Benefits of a 30-Day Juice Fast

Juice Fasting by Steve Meyerowitz

A juice fast even just for a few days will restore your health. A 30-day program, being longer will definitely clean up and detoxify every nook and cranny of your system that a shorter juice fast cannot accomplish. As long as your fast is properly handled and supervised you will find yourself enjoying the following health improvements:

• Weight loss – even during the initial stages, you can lose somewhere between 10 to 25 pounds. At the initial stages this will be just water weight but weight loss just the same. On the eighth day onwards, your weight loss would range from a half pound to one pound per day. This will depend on the quality of liquids you are taking and the level of physical activity you engage in. After 30 days some have experienced weight reduction of about 40 pounds or more.
• Cleansing of your entire system – since you will be largely taking in liquids, your whole system will be flushed and your toxins will be drained out thru your regular eliminatory processes. Chemically processed foods will be restricted therefore there will be no more build up of waste products from undigested portions of these processed materials. The enema at the initial stages of this 30-day program will also help facilitate the elimination of these toxins.
• Enhanced Immune System – with a detoxified system, your immune responses will be optimized and you will be able to fight off virus, fungi, bacteria and parasites better than before.
• Boost in Energy – with all your organs working efficiently, you will have more energy to do your daily tasks with more to spare.
• Start of a healthier way of life – with all these good results, you will be encouraged to maintain these healthy practices and never go back to unhealthy practices anymore. This could mean a longer and a happier life.

Before You Start
Taking a 30-day juice fast will take a lot of determination. You will encounter a lot of distractions and discouragement during your fast. Therefore you must focus your mind on these desirable benefits to be able to complete what you have started. But once you have decided to go, the best way to begin your fast is to slowly reduce your sugar, starchy and greasy foods intake. Do this one week before you start your fast.

The concept is to eat less and drink more. Don’t think of eating more so that you will have enough food reserve to answer for your hunger as you start. This will backfire in the form of headaches, nausea and vomiting. During this pre-fast week, drink at least one-half gallon of liquid (water and juices). Try to eat less of meat, pastries and more of salads, vegetables and poultry. Your discomfort at the initial stages of your fast will be lessened significantly.

• Pregnant and nursing women are discouraged from taking even a short term juice fast.
• If you can afford it, fruits and vegetables should be the organic types and not those chemically fertilized products. You are cleansing your system of chemicals and toxins therefore you will only prolong your health recovery if you will not be careful about the quality of your juice intake. A combination of supermarket vegetables and fruits and organically grown plants will do if your budget is limited.
• Experts advise that you take vitamin supplements, especially if you are on the initial stages of a 30-day juice fast. This will balance your body’s reactions with the low calorie intake of the initial stages.

Additional points to consider
Juice fasting is very effective especially if you use fresh fruit juices. They are full of enzymes which are very helpful to your body. With regards to vegetables, you are able to consume more of them by drinking than eating. Therefore fruit and vegetable juice combined is definitely filled with more vitamins and minerals than your ordinary bread and pastries. The digestion and absorption of fruits and vegetables is much easier and it will help facilitate your elimination.

Shorter Juice Fasts

1-Day Juice Fast

Ideal for beginners and also for people who like to do a weekly juice cleansing.

3-Day Juice Fast

Similar to the 1-Day Juice Fast, but taking things a step further for deeper cleansing.

7-Day Juice Fast This juice fast takes the detox and cleansing process even further and you should feel great after this one.
7-Day Juice Fast Day by Day This is a great length of juice fast and we make suggestions for each day.


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