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A Body Cleanse Diet Can Help You Lose Weight

Massive production and excessive commercialization of artificial and processed foods have led to an increase in the incidence of obesity. Many people, especially those living in the so called ‘first-world’ countries, have developed unhealthy eating habits.

Regular use of sweets, junk foods, processed meats, and other inorganic snacks will significantly increase your weight. To solve this problem, many people opt to have low-calorie diets.

Most people believe that in order to lose weight, you must decrease the fats or adipose tissues in your body by following a strict low-calorie diet program. Although going for a fast or having a calorie-restricted diet will considerably help you to shed those excessive pounds, there is a healthier and easier way to lose weight safely.

Body Cleansing Diets

Body cleansing diets concentrate on removing harmful toxins on your major organs like liver and colon. They will also remove toxins that may have accumulated deep inside your system and in adipose tissue. It has become a popular belief that excessive intake of calories will increase body fat. Therefore when you limit your intake of calories, you will then decrease the amount of your body fats. On the other hand, cleansing diets, according to some experts, will help you lose weight by removing harmful toxins in your body system.

Some experts suggest that an individual gains weight when he introduces toxins to his body. We normally get chemical toxins from the food we eat, mostly from canned, processed, and foods full of additives and preservatives. When we ingest too much harmful toxins, our body won’t be able to remove all of them. The remaining toxins will be separated and stored in liver, colon, or in adipose tissues so that it won’t harm other body systems. Losing weight by following a low-calorie diet regimen will only be temporary because it won’t remove the primary culprits, the chemical toxins. Cleansing diets to lose weight will also remove the toxins that your body can’t remove thereby helping to permanently shed those excessive pounds.

Toxin Cleansing Diets

Toxin cleansing diets have a lot of benefits other than helping you to lose weight. These diets will greatly help you to establish regular bowel movement. Your colon or intestines can build up mucus and toxins over time. By removing impacted fecal matter regularly, accumulated toxins in your colon will be dramatically reduced. Liver cleansing diets will remove toxins that have been stored by the liver and can help to dissolve and eliminate gall stones.

Cleansing diets for weight reduction are needed to be natural and organic. Such cleanses will help you lose weight while providing you with essential nutrients. Toxin eliminating diets will also strengthen your body’s natural defenses against various diseases. Toxins weaken and damage cells making them more susceptible to harmful pathogens. By removing those toxins, cells will last longer and be stronger.

There are different cleansing diets you can follow. You can take natural fruit juices for a week to ten days. There are various fruit juices you can choose from but the most common is the lemonade diet the most popular of which is the Master Cleanse Diet. The basic ingredients of this diet are lemonade, maple syrup, cayenne, and filtered water. This diet will naturally detoxify the body by removing feces, plaques, and mucus in the colon. Lemonade diet is also rich with fiber and vitamins.

Cabbage Soup Diet

Cabbage soup and other vegetable soup diets are also common. You can follow this diet for a week. Basic ingredients of a cabbage soup are cabbage, green tomatoes, onions, carrots, mushrooms, beans, and celery. You can add pepper, salt, or basil to spice up the flavor. You can also use other green vegetables other than cabbage. Vegetable soups are low in fat but high in fiber and nutrients. This diet will help your body to remove impacted fecal matter in your digestive tract.

Liver Cleansing Diets

Liver cleansing diets is also one way to detoxify and lose weight. When the toxins stored in the liver are not flushed out of the body, it will not function properly. Liver has a major role in removing wastes and toxins from the body such as drugs and nitrogenous substances. Liver cleansing products for body detoxification are available in many health food stores.

Hydration and water therapy is also very important. While following a cleansing diet regimen, health experts strongly recommend drinking 8-10 glasses of filtered water a day. Don’t drink chlorinated water as this may contain harmful chemicals. You also have to avoid eating foods full of additives and artificial flavorings. Experts also suggest avoiding eating foods high in gluten such as wheat and yeast. Fungus such as Candida albicans which normally reside in the digestive tract feed on gluten. Candida releases harmful toxins which is why you have to eat gluten-free foods such as brown rice. Stop using canned foods and use raw fruits and vegetables instead. Make sure they are organic and naturally grown.

Before undergoing a cleansing diet to lose weight, make sure to first consult a health expert or a naturopathic physician. Toxin cleansing diets are usually contraindicated to pregnant or nursing mothers, or to individuals who have a weak immune system or who have just recovered from a surgery. If you have a preexisting medical condition, cleansing diets are not recommended for you.

Toxin cleansing diets are relatively safe to use. However, while on this diet, you may feel tired, dizzy, or moody while the toxins are moved deep from your body system to your bloodstream. This is only temporary and will be gone once the toxins are flushed out of the bloodstream.


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