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Cleansing Diets

So what are cleansing diets all about and what kind of results can you expect if you decide to carry out one of the detox diets. And which of these cleansing diets should you choose?

A raw food diet, a lemonade diet, a juice fast, a wheat-free diet, a dairy-free diet? And should you do a 7-day detox or is 21 days better? The information on cleansing and detox diets can be overwhelming and confusing, especially if you are new to this.

In my younger years I had various minor but chronic health problems that conventional doctors just didn't seem able to understand or treat. Even the various alternative health practitioners who I went to see didn't so much better. So there was only one way to sort my health problems out, and that was to educate myself and fix the problem myself. I've been educating myself for well over 20 years, but more so over the last 10 years and I have learned an incredible amount. So I want to share with you what I've learnt about the various cleansing diets and which ones have worked for me.

You should be aware though that there is no one diet that is suitable for everyone. People are different and have different health issues and different goals. So the way forward is to follow some sensible diet advice and then put together a cleansing diet that's suitable for you.

So what have I achieved by cleansing my body? For a start I overcame issue like allergies, skin complaints and lack of energy. But in the process I also gained things that I hadn't realized were even missing from my life. I didn't even think that cleansing the body was capable of produces such wonderful results. I have achieved explosive energy and vitality, even at the age of 50. I have more energy than most people in their 30s or 40s. They are always asking where I get all my energy from. You too can achieve this with a little education.

Some other amazing benefits I've got from cleansing diets are:

  • Kept my weight at around a health 140 lbs - I've never needed to follow a weight loss diet
  • Got rid of headaches, colds, flu and other niggly health complaints
  • Improved my eyesight (with the help of eyesight exercises and pinhole glasses)
  • Got rid of skin complaints
  • Increased my concentration and focus - I can work longer and achieve much more
  • Added muscle so that I have a leaner more muscular body
  • Kept myself looking young. Most people think I'm mid-30s, not 50.

So what did I do to achieve all this? First of all I think it's important to follow a 'clean diet'. By that I mean that you should try stick much as possible to eat a diet that includes natural, whole foods. I also think that at least 50% of your diet should be raw. I drink green juices every day, as these are great for cleansing, keeping you looking youthful, keeping your pH levels in the alkaline range and giving you super energy. I avoid as many processed foods as possible, although I am not a saint and don't try to be. My aim is to keep myself as health as possible, as living a life full of energy and vitality is so much better than the alternative that most people put up with. I also do a liver cleanse a few times a year. A sluggish liver can lead to all sorts of problems, mainly because it is the main organ of detoxification.

Have a look around the rest of this site. It has a wealth of health information that I will be adding to on an almost daily basis over the coming years.

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