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Take A Colon Cleanse Program to Keep You Fit And Healthy

Some of the general indications that you might need to cleanse your colon are allergies, digestive disorders, feeling of lethargy and headaches.

Your colon is an important part of your digestive system. It is your main detoxification organ. If it functions well, it flushes out all the toxins in your system. However, our modern fast paced lifestyle, characterized by eating processed foods, produces waste products that our colon cannot easily eliminate. The result: accumulation of toxins in our system that makes us sick.

An effective way of correcting this problem is through a colon cleanse program. Your other filtering organs like the kidneys and liver will function properly if your colon is operating at its optimum level. The systemic support these organs give each other will result in your good health. Nowadays, people are getting aware of their need to cleanse their colon. There are many programs available and you can even tailor a program to suit your particular need. But before you embark on a program it is wise to consult your physician especially if you already have a medical condition.

At Home Colon Cleanse Program

The least expensive colon cleanse program is one that you can do at home. If you are diligent in following this schedule, you will be able to reap the benefits without spending so much. Here are the simple steps for the home colon cleanse.

• Step 1
Start your first day with a liquid fast. You can drink plain water or fresh fruit or vegetable juices. If you can’t totally abstain from solid food, refrain from eating dairy products, fatty foods, alcohol and coffee.

• Step 2
Carefully read the instructions from the colon cleanse packet that you bought. Some products will require you to drink a number of fresh juice drinks per day while others will ask you to take a certain number of capsules per day. Take the correct amount prescribed by the manufacturer.

• Step 3
The colon cleansing product that you are taking will drain extra water in your system. You have to replenish this amount by drinking lots of water to maintain a proper balance.

• Step 4
Your colon cleansing will eliminate all the harmful bacteria in your system. Unfortunately, it will also flush out the good bacteria. The cleansing procedure will not discriminate between the good and the bad bacteria. Therefore you have to take probiotic to replace the live culture of good bacteria in your digestive system. Among the ones that you need to take are yogurt and acidophilus capsules. You can also drink kefir, known to have live cultures as an ingredient. They can be bought in your local drugstore and vitamin shops.

• Step 5
Do an enema to facilitate the elimination of toxins in your system. You have a choice between plain water enema or a coffee enema. There is a commercial enema available in drugstores where you put the cleansing solution to the bottle provided and squeezing the contents into your rectum.

Professional Colon Cleanse Program

Some people would prefer professionals to help them in their colon cleanse. If you are this type, professional colon hydrotherapy will be your ideal colon cleanse program. When you undergo this process, the colon cleansing procedure will be handled by trained technicians and you will be connected to their colon cleansing machines. This is a very hygienic procedure and the technicians are highly skilled in helping you obtain the maximum benefit from their machine. It can remove a total of 20 to 30 pounds of impacted feces from your colon after a number of cleansing sessions. This type of program will require you to repeat the process once in three to six months or as recommended.

There are also herbal cleansing programs that are popularized by some herbalists. They have devised a safe way to use natural herbs to cleanse the colon. This program is less costly and yet as effective as the professional hydrotherapy. The popular herbs used in an herbal colon cleanse program are licorice root, flaxseed, spearmint and mint. There are other herbs that can be used but to be on the safe side, consult your doctor first before starting a colon cleanse using herbs.

With all these different cleansing programs available, it is up to you to choose the most suited for your situation. All colon cleanse products in the market are categorized as dietary supplements. Herbal colon cleanses are generally not approved by the FDA. Therefore, before undergoing a colon cleanse program, you should do your homework first. Get all the information you can get on the ingredients that you will be taking and the machines that you will be hooked on. It is always wise to keep in mind that you can get maximum benefits if you follow the directions correctly.


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