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The Simplicity Of Colon Cleansing At Home

The food and liquids that we consume everyday will be useless if we don’t have a functioning digestive system.

Our body’s digestive system consists of different parts that work synergistically to dissolve, digest, absorb, and excrete food substances. The colon or the lower intestines play a major role in absorbing water and nutrients and excreting waste materials in the digestive tract.

One of the most important functions of the colon is detoxification. The colon works in tandem with other organs such as kidney and liver to eliminate and flush out toxins from the body. The lower intestines do this by removing waste products such as mucus and feces from the digestive tract. These waste products contain bacteria and harmful toxins which can come from anything that we take in such as foods, liquids, and even air.

Maintain a Well-Balanced Diet

Basically, having a well-balanced diet that mainly consists of natural food products will make it easy for our detoxifying organs such as the colon to remove harmful toxins from the body. However, if you eat too much fat, salty, sweet, and processed foods regularly, waste products and toxins in your body can exceed the normal limits the colon and other organs can handle and remove. It will take a lot of time before these wastes can be removed which makes you vulnerable to some diseases.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways of detoxifying the body and one of these is colon cleansing. Helping the colon to remove wastes and fecal material from the body will ease and hasten the detoxification process. Cleansing the colon will not only reduce the toxins but it will also help you prevent and fight different diseases. Colon cleansing can significantly help relieve constipation, bloating, belching, and stomach and intestinal cramps. It can also help fight acne, hemorrhoids, and some bowel inflammations. Health experts also suggest that colon cleansing helps to reduce weight, increase physical energy, stabilize mood, and prevent headaches.

Twice Yearly Colon Cleansing

Some health practitioners recommend cleansing the colon once or twice a year. Colon cleansing has a lot of benefits and it is one way of becoming healthy, so why not give it a try? What’s even better is that you can do it in your own home.

There are different ways of cleansing the colon. Colon cleansing at home is much more convenient and practical than other methods such as colon hydrotherapy. Colon irrigation or hydrotherapy basically works by forcing fluids such as water to the colon by using a tube inserted to the anus to expel mucus and feces on the bowel. This is usually done by a professional hydro-therapist. Completing a series of sessions will help you expel to as much as 12-15 kilos of hardened feces. Some people do this at home but it may be difficult and you have to strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Herbal Cleansing Products

The simplest and easiest way for cleansing your colon at home is by using herbal supplements or herbal cleansing products. These products contain natural herbs and ingredients that can help the colon detoxify effectively.  Health experts recommend using herbal cleansing products more than colon irrigation. Unlike colon irrigation, herbal supplements help to detoxify the whole body, not just the colon. Colon hydrotherapy and laxatives only covers the colon and will not help to detoxify other organs such as kidneys and liver.

Psyllium husk, bentonite clay, elm bark, and flax seeds are effective in cleansing the colon naturally. You can also use herbal cleansing products such as BeneCleanse which is available in local health food stores. BeneCleanse is said to contain natural ingredients which is rich in essential nutrients. It also has dietary fibers such as psyllium husk which supports the colon naturally.

Eat Organic

Another natural way of effective colon cleansing at home is eating organic fruits and vegetables. Naturally grown green leafy vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber which can help the colon to function properly. Drinking at least 8 glasses of filtered water everyday will make your body well-hydrated and will make it easy for your colon to flush out harmful toxins.

Before giving colon cleansing a try, be sure to first consult a health expert or your physician. Ideally, before going for a colon cleanse, you should acclimatize your body to a sudden change in diet. Health experts recommend drinking 10 glasses of filtered water and eating more fruits and vegetables at least 1 month before undergoing a colon cleanse.

When you’re ready, first take natural colon cleansing herbs like the one mentioned above. Then take at least 30-50 mg of fiber a day. You can do this by increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables. Make sure you limit or completely avoid eating salty, sweet, and fatty foods during colon cleansing. Take vegetable soups, natural fruit juices, raw and steamed vegetables, and a little white meat. These menus will not only cleanse your colon, but will also detoxify your liver and kidneys.

Eating fresh and natural fruits and vegetables doesn’t stop after you’re done with colon cleansing. Make it a habit to eat raw green vegetables and drink natural fruit juices. This will make you healthy and fit all throughout your life.


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