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Fat Flush Diet

The Fat Flush Plan, a New York Times bestseller by Ann Louise Gittleman, was the diet plan that revolutionized weight loss across America. So what is the Fat Flush Diet all about?

The Fat Flush Plan introduced a unique and groundbreaking program that targeted cleansing the liver. The liver is one of the largest organs in the body and it is an essential component in being able to maintain a healthy body weight. It is difficult to keep off the fat if the liver isn’t functioning properly. The fat flush diet aims to get the liver back to functioning at an optimal level by supplying the body with high-quality essential fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. This has the effect of accelerating weight loss while at the same time improving your health.

Most doctor and healthcare practitioners agree that this is a simple, safe, and highly effective diet plan. It is crucial for weight loss that you get the nutrients that your body needs to break down fat. Without these nutrients you are fighting a losing battle. Many people have managed to obtain an optimal body weight by following this diet.

Following the fat flush diet will do many things for you including:

  • Helping you follow a health diet
  • Reach and maintain an optimal weight
  • Trim difficult to remove fat from hips, waist and thighs
  • Remove your cellulite
  • Give you an energy and health boost

You will lose weight with main diets, but then the weight is soon added back on. This is due to the fact that most diets are just short-term fixes and aren’t necessarily healthy. But the fat flush diet combines sensible eating with sound science. This makes it a perfect choice for first time dieters and also those dieters that have had some success with other diet plans, but now need to take it a step further.

Following the Fat Flush Plan will accelerate your weight loss, while at the same time control your hormones. This is ideal for both physical and mental health. People won’t just comment on your weight loss, but also on how radiant and healthy you look. The liver can become sluggish for a variety of reasons, including eating the wrong fats, allergies, excess insulin, too much alcohol, to many drugs (either legal or illegal), and too much stress. The fat flush diet will help resolve all these issues by thoroughly cleansing the liver.

The Fat Flush Diet will also:

  • Boost your energy levels
  • Promote restful sleep
  • Stabilize your moods

So now we know what the fat flush diet does for us, we take a look at what we need to do. The diet is split into three phases, as follows:

Phase 1: The Two-Week Fat Flush
The initial phase lasts for two weeks and the aim is to jumpstart your weight loss, so you should see some quite dramatic results. Many people have seen their body shape transform, as the fat juts seem to melt away from hips, thighs and buttocks. Depending on your starting weight, it’s possible to lose 10-12” from your waistline during this initial phase.

Phase 2: The Ongoing Fat Flush
The second phase is less strict that the first, and this is where you will continue to follow the program but at a more moderate level. You will continue to lose weight, but at a slower rate. This is ideal for most people, as they can eat more of the foods they like, yet continue to lose weight. You would stay at this phase until you reach your desired weight. 

Phase 3: The Lifestyle Eating Plan
Phase 3 is where you follow a sensible diet that is designed to maintain the optimal weight you have reach and also to improve your general health. This is an important phase. Not following this part can see the pounds being added back on to your waistline.

The Fat Flush Plan book includes detailed meal plans and recipes, so you have no worries about what you can and cannot eat. It also has tips on what to choose when eating out and a newly developed lifestyle program for complete detox dieting.

 the fat flush plan

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"Dr. Ann Louise's FAT FLUSH PLAN is dietary common sense for all the right reasons -- it's balanced, it's a program you can safely stay on for life, and it works." 
-- Dr. Barry Sears, Author of The Zone

" A superb book...belongs in the company of the half dozen best how-to books on diets written..."
-- Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients  

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