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Health Benefits of Juicing

The world is becoming more and more health conscious and thus people are always looking for new and improved ways to give their bodies something good and make their life healthier.

One such thing is juicing. This is a unique way of helping your body to stay young healthy and increase longevity. Over the course of this article I will try to show and explain to you the massive health benefits of juicing.

First of all, juicing refers to preparing and drinking juices made from vegetables and fruits. These juices have a variety of health benefits that are scientifically proven to supersede the benefits of eating fruit or vegetables alone. But note that I do not recommend just drinking fruit juices, as they are very high in sugar. I suggest you stick to vegetable juices and just use a little fruit to help sweeten them a little. Also not that while carrots and beetroot are vegetables they are both quite high in sugar, so use in moderation.

Juices Provide Nutrients

Juice Fasting by Steve Meyerowitz

You may wonder how this exactly works and why. This is a valid question especially considering that you probably have always been taught that you should eat fruits and vegetables and not prepare juices to drink with them. The reason that juicing is so effective is due to the fact that the body can absorb nutrients delivered via juices much better and faster than if they are delivered as solid food. This is due to the process of digestion: When you eat solid food, many of these valuable nutrients get lost due to the digestion taking place in your stomach. When you drink juice, you bypass this system due to the juice’s liquid form. This is clearly an advantage as many fruit and vegetables offer you health benefits that are way too precious to be ignored and thus you want to take full advantage of them as well. You can do so by drinking juice instead of eating them the old fashioned way. You are also helping give your digestive system some valuable rest time.

In the same breath another advantage of juice can be explained: Raw fruits and vegetables contain many enzymes that are very beneficial for your body. These enzymes help your body to convert food and nutrients to new tissue in your body. In layman’s terms: enzymes help your body make new tissue. Enzymes also have the very nice side effect that they will increase your metabolism or metabolic rate. This in turn will help you to burn more calories and thus lose weight and reduce body fat.

Juices Provide Phytochemicals

As if these advantages weren’t enough, juice also offers a great way to deliver phytochemicals into the body. Phytochemicals are considered to be among the most powerful natural substances in the world to fight diseases. In order to get enough of these little helpers into your body would require you to eat massive amounts of raw fruits and vegetables. You would most likely never reach the necessary amount as you would get sick of fruits and vegetables before you even got close to the correct amount. If you were to drink juice though, you would get an adequate amount of phytochemicals quite easily, immediately reaping the benefits of this substance. Along the same lines, these juices also contain antioxidants, which help your body to get rid of free radicals. As you might have guessed, juice can therefore help you not only to look good and feel good but also to get back on your feet quicker when you have caught a cold or the flu.

As you can see, there are many health benefits of juicing. If you are interested in getting the body you want or just staying healthier for longer, you should definitely consider juicing.

Other Juice Fasts

1-Day Juice Fast Ideal for beginners and also for people who like to do a weekly juice cleansing.
3-Day Juice Fast A compromise between the 1-day beginner juice fast and the more advanced 7-day juice fast.
7-Day Juice Fast This juice fast takes the detox and cleansing process even further and you should feel great after this one.
7-Day Juice Fast Day by Day  We give suggestions on what juice to drink each day for 7 days.  
30-Day Juice Fast   This one shouldn't be attempted by beginners. This is best built up to very slowly. Should be done only be done under medical supervision. This is the most complete juice fast and should achieve amazing results if done properly.  


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