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Simple Ways That You Can Have An Internal Cleanse 

If you are a typical modern day person, you may be carrying from 5 to 25 pounds of compacted waste matter on your colon.

You can only remove this waste products if you will undergo an internal cleanse. If you will not eliminate them, you will be afflicted with chronic constipation, if you are not suffering from it right now. That’s why knowledgeable health practitioners advise a periodic cleansing regimen for the average person.

Have you not wondered why it is becoming more and more difficult for you to move your bowel? That is a clear sign of the onset of constipation. It is just the simple result of your unhealthy practices. You are not entirely to blame because we live in a society where almost anything we eat is manufactured and processed. The processed foods that we eat and too much drinking of carbonated drinks and coffee combined with little or no physical exercise are the major causes of your constipation. The longer these impacted fecal matters stay in your system, the more toxins are produced by them. That is the main reason why you are feeling sluggish, sickly and easily tired. There is a way in which you can avoid suffering from this condition. You need to do something before a more serious illness knock on your door.

Your Body Will Naturally Detox

Normally, if you have a healthy diet and practice regular physical exercise, your body will naturally detoxify itself.

Eating only organic food with lots of fiber and drinking sufficient amount of natural drinks everyday would enable your system to eliminate all of your waste by-products through your regular bowel movement and perspiration. If this is your lifestyle your cleansing organs, e.g. lungs, liver, kidneys, colon and skin will work at their best and toxins will always be eliminated in your system. But as it is, our daily diet is compromised therefore these organs function poorly, and we get sick.

Don’t wait for sickness to happen, begin to detoxify yourself and get back the health that you originally have. In this fast paced world, a quick internal cleanse is what you need. Many manufacturers have come up with quick cleansing products that promise to give you health benefits in a short time. One such product is the Bio Chem Para-Factors for internal cleansing. One bottle of this supplement contains 50 gels that contain natural herbs that help with internal cleansing.

These gels are to be taken according to the instructions in the bottle and under the supervision of your health provider. Typically, adults take one to two gels after a meal. This dosage will be followed for two weeks, and it is stopped for the following three weeks. After the three week’s rest, the dosage will again be resumed for another two weeks. You are not to consume alcoholic drinks when you are taking the supplement. It is not advised for pregnant and lactating women as well as small children.

Practice a Healthy Lifestyle

You also need to practice a healthy lifestyle to help your body in detoxifying itself. A healthy lifestyle will always include just only two simple practices:
• Hydration – You are to drink from 8 to 10 glasses per day. This is the main protocol when you undertake an internal cleanse. Water is the primary agent in detoxification because it helps your colon, kidneys and liver to flush out the toxins in your system. You can vary your liquid intake between fresh water and natural fruit juices.
• Diet Change/Improvement – Your consumption of food must be generally non-processed, natural and organic foods. Change your harmful foods to the natural, unprocessed and whole grain products. This includes fresh fruits and vegetables, brown rice, fishes and naturally grown poultry. The practice of eating a high fiber diet will definitely help in the cleansing of your system.

Other noteworthy things you can practice to facilitate the cleansing of your system are:
• Do a liquid fast periodically. This will give time for your body to rejuvenate.
• Take a cleansing program for your colon if you feel that your colon is clogged up.
• Take liver cleansing herbs like milk thistle and dandelion.
• Take 1 ounce of natural parsely juice for kidney cleansing.
• Avoid using soaps and lotions made of chemicals on your skin.
• Avoid polluted air and polluted surroundings.

You can be in the best of health if you are careful about the food you eat, the water you drink and the air you breathe. If any of these items are compromised, then our health is also compromised. Although an internal cleanse will help us eliminate the toxins in our system, it is better to avoid unhealthy practices so that there will be no condition where they can exist.


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