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Raw Food Diets

The damage brought about by chronic diseases in our modern society has spurred a growing movement for a return to a natural way of living.

Modern food processing and modern technological conveniences have played a major part in the downgrading of the general health of our society. A certain sector of society known as “raw foodists” is now advocating the fact that there is a better and healthier alternative to convenience foods. They say that a raw food diet is an effective way in restoring and maintaining one’s health. The foods prescribed in this program are those grown organically and as naturally as all agricultural products should be. When food products are free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides, they would naturally be more nutritious than their chemically induced counterparts.

The Raw Food Detox Diet: The Five-Step Plan for Vibrant Health and Maximum Weight Loss
Another important distinction of this diet is that the foods are only cooked under very low temperature, if they are even cooked at all. The range of the cooking temperature depends upon the preference of the practitioners. This may range from 92º F to 118º F (33º C to 48º C). Foods cooked in temperatures higher than these are not considered raw foods anymore. Pasteurized foods are also out of the question because foods undergoing this process are heated at 63º F (145º C). The primary reason for this very low cooking condition is to prevent the enzymes from being destroyed.

An advantage of taking this type of diet is that, you will be able to absorb high quantities of enzymes. It is a fact that with every move you make, you will require enzyme activity. Medical science has also acknowledged that our digestive processes require high amounts of enzymes. Eating a raw food diet which is already high in enzymes will require lesser enzymes to digest. Therefore the extra quantities of enzymes you will take will be used for other important functions such as the cleansing and healing of your body.

Our typical diet consists of a combination of processed foods such as meat, breads, sodas and occasional alcohol. All of these foods results in an acidic and degenerative condition for our body. This is the primary cause why we are weak and easily susceptible to all types of diseases. We need to bring our cellular level to an alkaline state to restore its balance. Having a raw food diet will help us achieve and maintain this balance throughout our life. An alkaline state is like a protective wall against any type of illness.

Eating properly prepared uncooked food will stop the accumulation of toxins and unwanted waste in your system. This would mean theoretically that your system will start to cleanse itself as soon as you start eating this diet. As your system is cleansed, your immunity system will get a boost and you will be able to fight diseases more effectively. Adherents of raw food diet claims that it may help to prevent various diseases like asthma, arthritis, fibromyalgia, obesity, skin diseases and many more. They say that cooking food, aside from destroying the enzymes, may also change its chemical structure and makes it more toxic to our body.

If you are convinced on the efficacy of this natural diet and want to try it, you have to do it in a gradual way. You can start slowly cutting a small amount of your usual diet and replacing that amount with raw food for a few days. Then you can gradually raise this level up to 50% of your daily meal. Move on slowly from that point until you have reached 100% of raw food only. Your digestive enzymes are stronger at lunch time therefore try introducing raw food around this time. In your evening meal, you can eat raw salad together with your cooked protein and vegetables.

Eating raw foods should not be confused as being a vegetarian. Some raw foodists eat dairy products such as cheese, yogurt and milk. They can eat these foods because they are usually cooked or processed under low heat therefore their enzymes are still active. You have a convenient source of raw food items because these products are readily available in supermarkets and groceries. Some also eat raw fish, meat and raw eggs. They are able to do this by soaking these foods in lemon juice for a length of time necessary to cook it without raising the temperature. The acid in the juice deactivates the proteins in the food. This results in the breaking down of the food and it becomes more palatable, without really being cooked.


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