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The Benefits of a Juice Fast

Fasting, although a bit difficult to do, is one way you can detoxify your body from accumulated poison and waste matters.

Most of our modern food products when taken inside our bodies produce acidic reaction in our systems. We need alkaline substances which can be supplied by green vegetables and fruits as well as whole grains and nuts. Sadly, these quality foods are lacking in our modern diet. Eventually, our bodies become overgrown with acidic wastes, our system slows down and we succumb to various kinds of illnesses.

juice fastSince we are 70% water, a neutral ph must be maintained in our internal fluids so that we will always be healthy. When we lack energy and are lethargic, a juice fast will restore this balance in our system. Natural juices contain digestible types of carbohydrates, therefore it requires less energy to digest. They will be assimilated into our bloodstream faster hence our health recovery will be facilitated. Fruit and vegetable juices contains fresh, natural enzymes, vitamins, salts, electrolytes, sugars, minerals, probiotics and trace elements in the right amounts. These elements are needed in the rebuilding of your body which is what happens during a fast.

Many medical practitioners are now acknowledging the validity of a juice fast in restoring health for people who shows overall weakness and susceptibility to diseases. Here are some of the most notable benefits you can derive from a juice fast:

Juice Fasting by Steve Meyerowitz

• Strengthening of the immune system – toxic cleansing and taking in essential vitamins and elements that will improve the functions of your internal organs will have a cumulative effect of boosting your immune system. Your capacity to fight harmful microorganisms that causes sickness is increased.
• Flushes out toxins and waste matters – the by-products of toxic materials such as tumors, unwanted fats and abnormal cells are broken down and flushed out thru your bowel movements, perspiration and breath exhilarations. Your colon will become healthier and able to discharge its function more efficiently.
• Reduced weight – for those who are overweight, loss of weight may be somewhere between 5 to 20 pounds, depending on the length of the juice fast.
• Improves the eliminative functions of the skin, kidneys, liver and lungs.
• Balanced blood sugar and pH levels.
• Increased energy – with majority of the toxins eliminated in your body, your organs will be able to function efficiently resulting in the boosting of your energy level.
• Increased mental functions – the increased supply of essential nutritional elements to your system enhances nutrient delivery to all organs, including the brain, thereby increasing your mental capacities such as concentration, focus, mental clarity and thinking abilities.
• Encourages new cell growth – this is possible because the required protein from the intake of essential elements through juice fasting is re-created from the decomposing cells.
•  Your cravings for sugar and other artificial stimulants are eliminated.
• Decrease in allergies and pain.
• Faster removal of uric acids - the removal of uric acids in your system will be faster with juice fasting.
• Facilitate cell toxic cleansing - the juice fast will supply your daily calorie requirement and will help facilitate toxin cleansing from your cells.
 Rest for the digestive system - your digestive system will have its needed rest as the juices that you are taking do not require that much digesting and therefore quickly assimilated by your system.
• More benefits from the same quantity of food - juice fasting enables you to get more essential elements from the same quantity of vegetables and fruits compared to just eating them.
• Strengthens the heart - the element of sugar taken from juice fasting helps in the strengthening of your heart.
• Gets rid of stomach and intestinal problems – with the elimination of toxins and parasites through constant bowel movement, your digestive system will function optimally.
• Enhanced organ functions – your liver, kidneys, small and large intestines, heart, lungs and all your internal organs will benefit from the elimination of toxins and waste matters in your system.
• Improved over-all health – you will experience boost in energy because with the absence of toxins, your natural body’s elimination system will be able to function efficiently resulting in great health.

Juice fasting is really a very effective way to restore your health. In order to enjoy the quality of life that you want, it is also very important to watch what you eat after the completion of your juice fast. If you want to undertake an extended fast, such as a 7-day juice fast, it is recommended that you first seek the advice of your health provider to avoid unnecessary risks.


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