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A Toxin Cleanse For Improved Health

Most of us have an impression that being healthy means having no body illness or disease whatsoever. In contrast to popular belief, there are a lot of factors to consider other than having no disease at all before we can call ourselves healthy.

It has been shown in studies that most people who call themselves ‘healthy’ actually have an average of 3-7 kilos of toxins in their digestive tract. 

Oftentimes we are not aware that we already have toxins in our body because we don’t feel any disease symptom at all. Even though we don’t feel the bad effects of these toxins yet, its much better to get rid of them as soon as possible, before they endanger our health.

When the body’s immune system weakens, this is the time where we’re most vulnerable to harmful toxins. Toxins can be acquired from numerous sources. Most of the toxins in the body come from the food we eat, mainly from animal products and other junk foods. Water and polluted air are also carriers of toxins. Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and cosmetic products also leave toxins in our body. When we continue to introduce these harmful substances to our body, they will soon accumulate to an extent that our bodies can’t handle. Before this happens, many medical experts recommend undergoing a body toxin cleanse.

Body toxin cleansing has been done by many health-conscious individuals and has proven to be very effective in helping the body eliminate these harmful substances. It basically includes different methods and courses of action that will hasten the body’s elimination of toxins. If you really want to get rid of these toxins, you should be ready to make changes to your lifestyle.

A major component of a body toxin cleanse is diet. You have to start having a healthy and well-balanced diet. Most salty, sweet, and spicy foods leave large traces of toxins in the body. If you want to be healthy, avoid eating junk foods and foods full of chemicals and preservatives. Disease-causing and toxin-producing fungus such as Candida albicans love sugar and gluten. Experts suggest limiting or avoiding eating gluten rich foods such as wheat bread and pasta. Eat brown rice instead. It’s also good to eat yogurt regularly because it contains good bacteria which can help fight fungi and bad bacteria in the intestines. These fungi and bacteria are sources of toxins.

Having a high-fiber diet is great for eliminating these toxins. Instead of eating fatty and cholesterol rich foods, start eating green, leafy vegetables and raw fruits. Fruits and vegetables are very high in fiber, which can greatly help the digestive system get rid of these harmful substances. Be sure to eat fruits and vegetables that are naturally grown, free from pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals.

A well hydrated body is also a key to cleansing the body. Medical experts recommend drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day. This will also promote good blood circulation and enhance the kidney’s ability to release toxins from the body. Because most of the drinking water circulated in the country is chlorinated, it is better to drink filtered water instead.

A Body toxin cleanse also includes colon cleansing. Colon cleansing tablets and capsules contains powerful organic compounds which help eliminate harmful toxins and parasites in the colon. These will also help you establish a more regular bowel movement. This will get rid of fecal matter that contains bacteria and toxins. Another way to cleanse your bowel is through an enema. Water is introduced to the lower part of the colon by using a tube inserted to the anus. This will immediately stimulate bowel movement. This is known as colonic irrigation.

Another good way of eliminating body toxins is through sweating. You can jog or walk regularly for 30 minutes or exercise 2 to 3 times a week. This will help the body get rid of excess toxins through the skin.

There are various ways to eliminate toxins from the body. Experts recommend practicing all methods as much as possible to achieve and maintain a more healthy, vibrant body.


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